Bennetts Biking Services

What is included?

To help make the experience of buying insurance a simple and easy process, you can see the benefits of Bennetts insurance in the table below. Whether you are opting for Comprehensive bike insurance, Third Party Fire & Theft, or Third Party only, this will help you compare cover and make that all important decision.  Please read your policy documents carefully for full details.


As well as getting the best price for the cover you need from our panel of insurers we also offer the following:


What's covered in your policy More Details Comprehensive Third Party Fire & Theft Third Party Only
 Permanently fixed accessories covered as standard Including: panniers, top boxes, side boxes, grab rails and sport racks*

*Bennetts cover up to £400 in total per claim. Exclusions apply
 90 Days European Union Cover  All our policies come with 90 days European Union cover as standard. You can travel several times a year for a maximum of 90 days in any period of insurance.      
 Motorcycle Theft If your bike is stolen Bennetts will reimburse you at market value if the bike is not recovered.       
 Loss or damage to your motorcycle  If your motorcycle is stolen, damaged or destroyed, we will do what we can to get you back on the road, by either:
  • Covering the cost of repairs
  • Replacing the motorcycle.
 Accident Recovery  If you are unable to ride your motorcycle through loss or damage then we will pay for, within reason, the transportation to the nearest garage for repair and deliver to you once fixed      
 Riding other bikes
  • Have the flexibility to ride other bikes with your policy.
  • Bikes are covered on a third party basis only.
  • Permission must be sought from the owner before riding.
  • Most riders qualify – subject to terms and conditions, includes age and occupation restrictions
  • We will indicate this cover when you get your quote and within policy documentation.
 New motorcycle replacement within 6 months of buying it new  
  • If within 6 months of purchasing a new bike, your motorcycle is damaged and the cost of repair is more than 70% the cost new, we will replace it with a new one of the same make and specification.
  • This also applies if the bike is stolen and not recovered.
 24 hour claims line and advice with your claim
  • We are here 24/7 to give you the support you need.
  • Our advisors are bike specialists and will put you at ease and explain the next steps.
 Multi bike policy Own more than one bike? Then our multi bike policy could be great for you. It is usually a cheaper option than separate policies.       
 Uninsured Driver Promise We will not reduce your No Claim Discount under this policy for any claim we accept as caused by an uninsured driver.       
 17 standard modifications covered as standard We accept the following modifications:
    •   Disability adapted  
    •   Air filter changes
    •   Bar ends  
    •   Braided hoses
    •   Decals/stickers
      • Exhausts: road-legal silencers and full systems    
    •   Grippers
    •   Heated grips  
    •   Huggers
    •   Scott Oilers  
    •   Screen changes
    •   Lights/indicators/mirrors  
    •   Seat replacement/changes
    •   Seat cowl/single seat units  
    •   Sissy bars
    •   Tail tidy  
    •   Tank pads
 Lock and Key cover Replacement lock & keys, if the keys are lost of stolen and not recovered. Bennetts cover up to £400 in total per claim. Exclusions apply.        



Insurance for your Classic Bike

It’s hard to put a price on nostalgia. So, to help you enjoy the ride without the worries, our insurance for classic bikes comes with optional agreed valuations, show and event cover and no admin fees for additional modifications. We search our panel of insurers to find you our best price for the cover you need.

  • Optional agreed value
  • Insure classic and modern bikes on one multi-bike policy
  • No admin fee for additional bike modifications
  • Show and events cover
  • Salvage retention cover



No Claims Discount (NCD) Protection

As a safe rider with a four years or more no claims bonus under your belt, you can now protect this should you be involved in an accident or have your bike stolen. NCD protection is only available with certain insurers, you can choose this as an option at quote stage.

At Bennetts we search our panel of insurers to find you the best price for the cover you need.

You can tailor your bike insurance quote with Bennetts simply by calling our dedicated Call Centre us on 0344 412 2171

All elements subject to insurer. Please check endorsements on your policy documentation.


Accessories as standard