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The Spidi Tronik Wind Pro is an unashamed race suit. This is the top-of-the-range one-piece from Spidi. You can tell it has a race pedigree as soon as you see it, the first thing you notice after the bright race colours are the technical features like the Hydraback ready race hump, the Velcro replaceable elbow sliders and the perforations on the front of the suit. The perforations are located away from the seams, to retain the latter's integrity. You can opt for fully perforated custom made suit with Spidi. This suit is one level up from the Track Wind Pro.

The Tronik Wind Pro has a relaxed comfortable fit. The suit gives a little extra room across the shoulders, center and thigh area. This suits me as I am not built like a jockey. They have incorporated some flex in the chest area of the suit to give you more range of movement. The accordion flex around the hips goes all the way around to the front offering more flex and range when moving around the bike.

Spidi Tronik Wind Pro Leather One Piece Suit

The first time I wore this suit I was testing in Portugal and the ambient temperature was 24C. I only wore a rash vest under the suit and I was comfortable. On the move the airflow was great thanks to the perforated chest area. It felt like it was sucking in air. 

The aerodynamic speed hump on the back can double as a water container, and although the hydroback has to be bought separately, there’s a built-in hydroback straw holder at the edge of the collar. Left empty it allows increased airflow through to your back.

The armour attaches to the inside of the suit with Velcro, so its position can be adjusted for optimum fit. It only took me a few minutes of adjusting to get the shoulder pads in the most comfortable position for my shape. 

Spidi Tronik Wind Pro Leather One Piece Suit

There is warrior external protection on the shoulders.

You can replace worn or damaged elbow sliders as the Velcro in place. A nice touch. Patching leather on elbows never works that effectively.

The shoulders and elbows are packed with armour and the suit has adjustable CE-certified armour at the knees and hips.

I have mentioned in the Track Wind Pro review that I’m a big fan of hip protection because I don't think I've ever come off a bike without my hips bashing the ground, which isn’t nice. The inside of the armour is also well padded with foam, which makes it comfortable.

You can add a built-in back protector as an option but I always wear a separate heavy-duty back protector, which fitted under the suit with ease. There’s also a chest protector-ready attachment built in.

The whole suit is comfortable. Usually a new suit takes a little while to break in, like a pair of boots, but I found this one comfortable straight away. – the legs to fit like a… glove and the extra-large stretch panels over the knees make it easy to bend the knee on the bike, providing unrestricted movement in all the right places.

Like the Track Wind Pro the Tronik suit has neoprene cuffs which offers a comfortable fit and a low, tapering profile to the cuffs. The Velcro fastener is quite wide and gives good closure at the wrist without restricting gloves. Gloves fit over the cuffs with ease.

The inside edge of the collar has a soft suede-like leather lining with a neoprene panel at the back. The neoprene is low profile under the back edge of the helmet which means it doesn’t get in the way and I could feel it yielding when it came into contact with the back of my helmet. The fit around the neck is also comfortable and snug enough not to let loads of air rush in.

Inside, there’s a high quality a removable washable lining, which is easy to detach. Running across the back on the inside of the suit the mesh is a high quality hard wearing with large airflow holes. They have used the heavier material where it would be most likely to wear.

It is easy to get in and out of the suit, the liner does not snag me like some suits do. More times than I care to recount I have been hoping around on one leg trying to force my leg through a twisted liner. The lining attaches via zips and Velcro and didn't take me long to remove.

Spidi Tronik Wind Pro Leather One Piece Suit

There are two pockets inside the suit, one could be a pocket to store a beanie and has no fasteners. (or it could hold a chest protector) The other pocket uses poppers to close.

Poppers reduce wear from Velcro but they are fiddlier and impossible too use wearing gloves.

The knee slider area has a large Velcro area so you can custom place sliders in your optimum position. 

Spidi builds their suits in the Vicenza leather district using 1.2/1.3mm cowhide and stretch materials, along with neoprene inserts and Multitech/Biomechanic/Forcetech protectors.

If you’re looking for a suit to wear on idyllic Portuguese or UK summer track days, this suit with its perforations offers a great solution to keeping ventilated when you are putting your bike on its ear and working up a sweat.

This Tronik Wind Pro has a high level of features to make it protective and comfortable in all the right places. At £1099.99 it’s a premium priced suit. The option of the hydration system and removable elbows sliders may make it worth the extra money. I think it looks great - maybe because it’s made by those stylish Italians.


Full grain cowhide leather (1,2/1.3 mm thickness)

Comfort internal mesh liner

EN1621-1 certified Forcetech protectors on elbows, hips and knees

EN1621-1 certified Biomechanic protectors on shoulders

Warrior technology shields on the shoulders

Velcro elbow sliders

Clarino inserts on neck area Neoprene inserts on neck and wrist area

Hydroback drinking system arrangement


Available in sizes 38-48

SRP From £1099.99


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