Keep your hands toasty this winter with Furygan

French brand Furygan have released a range of new gloves that, like the Cold Master Winter suit we covered, are designed specifically with Autumn and Winter rides in mind.

As those of us who ride all year round know, one of the first parts of your body to feel the cold are your hands. Cold hands don’t respond as well to commands from the brain as well as warm hands do, so grip strength and mobility are all reduced as the mercury drops. For most a set of winter gloves are the answer but these can often be bulky, clumsy and not very stylish. Well, Furygan are bucking that trend with a range of stylish sports and touring gloves for the autumn and winter months.

Here we take a look at each one in detail.

Furygan Winter Glove Escape

Escape Sympatex

The Escape Sympatex glove is a Polyamide and neoprene touring glove with soft goat leather sections on the side and palm designed for sports touring and winter riding. The Escape features metacarpal protectors, reflective sections and a carbon fibre knuckle protector on the back. 

Adding to the gloves winter proof credentials the Escape has a longer cuff section for added insulation and Furygan’s ‘Dual Lining’ which includes an interesting anti twist system that prevents the liners from coming out whist removing the gloves.  They also come with specific inserts on the fingers and thumbs to allow touchscreen satnavs and phones to be used with ease. 

The Escape Sympatex is available for around £99.99, sizes S-3XL

Furygan Winter Glove Ocelot


The Ocelot is a short-cuffed glove made up of goat leather and Polyamide, with a carbon knuckle protector.  For added protection the palm is 100% leather and reinforced with foam to protect the metacarpals. 

The glove looks shorter than most touring gloves but it is waterproof and breathable and includes knitted fabric liner for comfort and 3M Thinsulate insulation for warmth, proving that not all touring gloves have to cover the forearm.

The Ocelot is available for around £69.99, sizes S-3XL

Furygan Winter Glove Blazer

Blazer Sympatex

The Blazer is aimed at the sports touring rider who doesn’t see cold weather as a reason not to go out and ride.  It has 100% goat leather outer construction, carbon fibre knuckle protectors and external metacarpal shell protectors. 

The Blazer is fitted with a long wrist cuff to cover leathers and feature a waterproof and breathable Sympatex membrane, thermal padding on the top of the hand and Thinsulate thermal padding on the palm to help keep you warm. The Thinsulate membrane in these gloves has been cleverly designed to be thinner around the fingers to give more feeling on the brake and clutch. 

The Blazer Sympatex is available for £109.99, sizes S-3XL

Furygan Winter Glove Sparrow


The Sparrow is designed to put an end to the preconceived idea that winter gloves are big and bulky by providing top levels of winter protection in a stylish and svelte package.  The glove features all the protection you would expect including external shell protection on the knuckle, and an extra layer of padding on the palm where your hand would normally rest, increasing the gloves long distance riding ability.

The Sparrow is 100% waterproof and breathable with a Thinsulate interior and extra-long cuff for improved comfort, security and warmth. The fingers and thumbs are also lined meaning that touchscreen devices can be used without having to remove the gloves. 

The Sparrow is available for around £89.99, sizes S-3XL

Furygan Winter Glove Mercury

Mercury Sympatex

The Mercury is and out and out sports glove, designed and cut in the same way as a summer sports glove would be but with all the padding and winter protection you need for that snowy trackday at Brands!  It’s even waterproof, meaning that the reasons not to ride through winter are getting harder to find.

The glove is made from a full goat leather outer with external Polyamide and carbon fibre shell protectors for the knuckles and metacarpals with foam reinforcement on the palm and forefingers.  Furygan have worked hard with the design and construction of this glove to ensure that none of that protection and insulation gets in the way of the job in hand by designing the glove with seams stitched on the outside allowing the maximum amount of feeling through the bars and levers.

The Mercury Sympatex is available for around £99.99, sizes S-3XL

For more information on Furygan products or to locate your nearest dealer, visit: or call 01425 478936.

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