Yamaha YBR125 Custom review

Posted: 12 Oct 2012

Yamaha’s YBR125 is a naked 125 that scores very highly for its meagre fuel consumption, easy to ride manners and a budget-like price. Now add various neat touches of deep, shiny chromium-plating, a tear-drop shape petrol tank and high-rise one-piece handlebars and Yamaha has another sure-fire hit motorcycle imaginatively called the YBR125 Custom.

In all seriousness, the YBR125 Custom is a little belter even though its custom appearance is only skin deep. Tap some of the ‘chromed metal parts’ and smile to yourself as you realise plastic is the name of game here. Still, that’s not a bad thing – it helps keep the price down to a respectable £2,920.

Plastic parts also keep the YBR Custom’s weight down, which is a big plus point when maintaining a healthy 65mph up hill! While the Custom’s appearance is of a larger capacity machine, in reality the single-cylinder engine is 124cc and only delivers 10bhp to the rear wheel. Fuel injection makes it a smooth-running engine but big power delivery is not its forte.

Easy to use controls and gearbox are part and parcel of an engine design that‘s been around since Yamaha first registered as a company. The bonus with modern materials and running gear, such as fuel injection, is the engine is now a clean, emissions compliant unit with low running costs – 70mpg+ is extremely wallet friendly.

If there’s one small detail fault to be had with the YBR125 Custom it is with the ‘slash cut’ exhaust – an exhaust of this design should be heard as well as seen. Instead, all the Custom emits is a gentle ‘phut-phut’. You can’t have it all ways…

Never mind, it is still a classy motorcycle despite being a learner-legal special. But if it’s custom-styling you want then this is the bike to start with. And given that it’s a reliable machine, Yamaha knows full well customers are brand loyal and are likely to move onto its large capacity Midnight Star custom cruisers.

+ points – stylish alternative in the 125cc category, low-running costs
- points – not to everyone’s taste second-hand, costs £350 more than basic YBR125

Price: £2,920
Power: 10bhp, 7ft lbs
Kerb weight: 129kg
Seat height: 760mm
Colours: Red, silver, black

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