New Triumph Street Triple for 2020 confirmed

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Triumph has confirmed our suspicions that a new Street Triple 765 is coming for 2020 and announced that the bike will be officially unveiled on 7th October.

A teaser video released on YouTube clearly shows that the biggest visual change to the bike comes in the form of new, slanted headlights topped by frowning eyebrows of LED daytime running lights. A silhouetted side-on image of the bike reveals that the overall shape is largely unchanged apart from the more aerodynamic-looking front end, and it appears that the wheels and suspension is the same as the current model. We’re expecting other styling changes to be limited to revised radiator cowls on either side.

At the moment, Triumph is only saying that the top-of-the-range RS version of the 2020 Street Triple 765 is coming in October. That ties in with earlier information that we reported last month, when European type-approval documents for the bike emerged that only named the Street Triple RS. However, American emissions documents have also appeared showing that the Street Triple R will get similar changes for a cleaner exhaust, and spy pictures earlier this year revealed a bike with the new headlights but the entry-level suspension of the Street Triple 765 S. Eventually we expect the full Street Triple range to get the same visual updates.

The European type approval details that we previously reported confirmed that the 2020 Street Triple RS makes 121.4hp at 11,750rpm, a tiny 0.2hp increase over the 2019 model. That’s actually quite an achievement since Triumph has simultaneously slashed the exhaust emissions to meet Euro 5 restrictions in 2020.

We know from the US emissions documents that the 2020 bike will have two catalytic converters rather than the current single-cat exhaust but it remains to be seen just how Triumph has managed to comply with Euro 5 to make the engine cleaner yet still churn out the near-same power figure. And how that affects the bikes weight too.

Look out for full details and pictures here on 7th October.


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