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Some bright spark once described an adventure as ‘a trip without a plan.’ And in some ways they were right. Seeing the world by motorcycle is awesome. Read the collection of features below and you can avoid all the mistakes we made and enjoy the places we’ve been lucky enough to ride.


On a bike the scenery feels bigger, smells better and every single experience becomes more memorable. Touring on a motorcycle is not just about fairings that block out the sun, enormous luggage and engines bigger than your car. You can ride Death Valley on a GSX-R or Harley Sportster, just like you can go anywhere in Europe on a scooter or a classic BSA. Travelling by bike is simple…when you know how. The key to enjoying it is deciding whether you want a well-planned, properly organised motorcycle tour or a less predictable motorcycle adventure. The difference is a few simple bits of planning, how much (or little) you pack and understanding that an adventure without challenges isn’t an adventure at all.

There’s no problem that can’t be sorted and if there is, that’s what motorcycle travel insurance is for. So stop worrying, read some of these excellent BikeSocial travel articles and start planning. Our team of writers have ridden tens of thousands of miles all over the world. And, for the bits we haven’t reached yet we have the wonderful Nick Sanders and Nathan Millward on board. Nick hold the record for riding around the planet the fastest, but he’s also been round it on two wheels more times than anyone else. Nathan rode a step-thru scooter from Australia to the UK and runs tours that range from the conventional to the improbable.

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning your first trip to Scotland or heading for Europe, America or beyond, there’s an awful lot of essential information, help and tips in this section of BikeSocial to make your journey easier and more exciting too.


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