FEC MotoGP Special - Joan Mir Interview

Front End Chatter


2020 MotoGP Champion Joan Mir takes 10 minutes from his Christmas shopping to have a natter with Simon and Martin from Front End Chatter:

  • was his consistency through the season planned?
  • when he was 14th after three rounds, did he think in 12 weeks he'd be MotoGP champ?
  • is he looking forward to having Marc Marquez back to race against next year?
  • and what has he bought team boss Davide Brivio for Christmas?

All this and more... and get your usual does of biking banter from Front End Chatter, the world’s fave biking podcast. And if it isn't, it should be.


Interview with the 2020 MotoGP World Champion - Joan Mir
World Champ Mir takes a few minutes to chat with our very own FEC duo - Simon and Mufga


In case you prefer to listen than watch, or can't stomach looking at our faces, our FECsclusive chat with actual MotoGP actual Champion actual Joan actual Mir is also available in visual-free old-fashioned podcast form. Enjoy. Or, at least, listen. Or, at least, download it.



Or for a direct download, click HERE.


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