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BikeSocial’s ever-growing database of classic bike reviews (scroll down the page for the full list) are better than most because the combined age of BikeSocial’s classic review team is still a bigger number than their combined waist measurement in inches (cm might be a different matter). But it’s a gap that gets narrower every year. We get classic bikes because most of us owns (at least) one of them. And because we love em, we might spend a little too long ogling at the classifieds, mooching around the autojumbles or talking to the dealers and specialists when we actually got all the info we needed for the feature about 15 minutes ago.

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking concours show bikes, rusty projects, half-finished restorations or just an old bike that only we love – BikeSocial understands that it means something to someone and so we’ll write about it and review it in the right way to help you either take the plunge and go for it or walk away, having avoided a costly mistake. We know how long it takes to find the right bike. We understand that everyone genuinely believes that a project will only cost £500 and six months to complete and we almost believe that our newly-restored 1987 classic sports bike will be almost as fast and brilliant-handling as we almost remember our old one being. But we will also try and be honest in order that you don’t go and do something (too) stupid – we make the mistakes so you don’t have to…maybe.

BikeSocial’s classic team have experience of British bikes, European classic and the modern and emerging classic scene. We can’t be experts in everything, but we’ve ridden most of them and know plenty of people who can help us to help you.

The next step is a collection of BikeSocial classic projects. Watch this space.


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